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Single Bottle Purchase - Non Alcoholic - Islandwide Delivery at $10


100% Chardonnay sparkling white wine with essences of Belgian chocolate.

On the nose, a beautiful bouquet of hazelnut and cacao and on the palate the freshness of the grape and chocolate in the after taste.

A perfect balance between fruit and chocolate​.



Chocolate In a Bottle (Non Alcoholic)

SKU: 002
  • 0% Alcohol. Halal Certified by I.D.A.R.A EU


    Chocolate in a Bottle is a sparkling white gourmet wine from the South of France, made from Chardonnay grapes and natural extracts of cacao and hazelnuts. In the mouth, the delicate aroma of the hazelnut is enhanced by the touch of chocolate, due to the cacao.


    Serve this drink very cool. It is great to accompany desserts that contain chocolate or fruit.


    Chocolate in a Bottle is exclusive, gourmet and unique.

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